About the Artist

About me 

I am a mixed-media artist, freelance illustrator, and lover of strange history. I have always been fascinated with the dark and beautiful superstitions of our past societies; stories of love, loss, pride, and the spiritual world that still live within us today.

I was born in Montpellier, France and grew up in Spain until moving to America at the age of twelve. Being surrounded by old European cities- with their ancient looming buildings and haunted alleyways created a deep sense of awareness towards our often esoteric past. My favorite childhood stories were those of ghosts. Real or not, I carry them with me wherever I go. 

About my work

Inspired largely by 18th and 19th century notions of eternal love, spirits, curses, and complex mourning practices; my art has become an expression of the hopes, fears, and insecurities that have followed people throughout history. 

I work primarily in inks and graphite, looking towards the detailed engravings of Gustave DorĂ© and amusing satires of Hogarth as sources of stylistic inspiration. 

My passion is in creating characters; small vignettes into the imagined lives of archetypal figures. Georgian rakes, slaves to decadence, overtly melancholy boys and girls populate my work. I hope for each viewer to engage with these portraits with either bemused curiosity or unexpected sympathy. All my figures are, or once were, human.